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Public Policy

Daniel Garza in front of the US Capitol
Public Policy

Empowering people to realize their potential requires removing barriers in public policy holding them back.

Fund your big ideas

Progress in society depends on bold and effective public policy. Stand Together Trust provides grants and strategic support to nonprofit programs and research initiatives that show new and better ways to tackle the root causes of our country’s biggest problems.

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Clementine Jacoby

Reignite the American Dream

Americans for Prosperity believes freedom and opportunity are the keys to unleashing prosperity for all. The organization’s grassroots, policy, government affairs, communications, political, education, and training capabilities empower millions of concerned citizens in all 50 states to advocate policy changes based on proven principles that get results.

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Unlock opportunity for all

The LIBRE Initiative is the most impactful national grassroots organization engaging, educating, and empowering Latinos to embrace freedom-minded solutions so they can reach their full potential and achieve their American Dream. Its community of volunteers and activists understands that when there is limited government, there is unlimited opportunity.

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People greeting a resident

Preserve and promote our freedoms

Concerned Veterans for America believes veterans are a positive force to empower Americans and drive solutions to preserve and promote our freedoms. Founded in 2012, the national grassroots organization builds communities of veterans, neighbors, and families to amplify concerned voices at all levels to help improve American lives.

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People greeting a resident
Top Stories

Get the latest stories, ideas, and advice from Stand Together community partners who are tackling America’s biggest problems through public policy reform.

A photo collage of herring fishermen at sea Supreme Court rules in favor of fishermen, says government has overreached

In a ruling with far-reaching implications, government agencies can no longer enforce decisions not authorized by Congress. 

A stylized image of a person on the edge of a cliff facing the U.S. Capitol America is headed for a fiscal cliff. Here’s how to stop it.

A coalition of scholars and policymakers are working on long-term economic solutions — together. 

A person grasps a handrail on a hospital bed When it comes to veteran health care, why aren’t we doing better?

One veteran’s story of how the MISSION Act’s promise failed her illustrates needed changes at the VA.

A student in a classroom excited Why microschooling is growing in popularity across America

Microschools are poised to improve how we educate future generations. Let’s make the most of it.

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