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Every person should be empowered to discover how their talents and interests can contribute to society, leading to a life of meaning and purpose for all.

A new paradigm for education

Stand Together’s vision is to transform K-12 education so every student can discover and develop their potential and purpose in life. Our work focuses on shifting education from a one-size-fits-all system to learning that’s tailored to each student’s unique gifts, interests, and needs.

Most Americans share this vision. And for good reason. Today’s standardized system, which puts all learners on the same path, leaves little room for creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth. Students are tuning out, with only 34% of students still engaged with their learning by senior year in high school. It’s not just a problem for students: Educators are burning out at higher rates than employees in any other industry.

Families have been awakened to the possibilities of owning their own education experience, and they’ve been increasingly demanding more freedom. The Stand Together community is responding by advancing policy reforms that put families in charge of their child’s education and by promoting a dynamic marketplace of education alternatives for them to choose from.

Students on a sailboat at sea FEATURED STORY Why this school takes students into the Gulf of Mexico
Real solutions, lasting change

The Stand Together community partners with education entrepreneurs, educators, thought leaders, and policymakers to transform education.


States have enacted policy reforms that empower students with more freedom to individualize their education.


Students are now being served by education alternatives available to families across the country.


Families now have access to public funding to cover the cost of their child’s education outside the traditional classroom.

Featured partners

Stand Together community partners are recognized as among the most innovative and effective organizations in America. Below is a snapshot of our current partnership network in education.

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Top stories

Get inspiring stories, ideas, and advice from changemakers who are tackling America’s biggest problems in education.

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These students designed homes for unsheltered people. The community helped build them.

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Here's what the future of learning can look like.

Photo of a classroom with a student highlighted in yellow Could individualized learning be the future of education?

Every child is unique. Learning opportunities can — and should — account for their individuality.

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Public education hasn’t changed much in 3 decades. We desperately need to innovate.

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