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Stand Together supports initiatives across key institutions of society that play an outsize role in driving social change. Explore ways to get involved based on the areas you’re most passionate about.

Public Policy

The Stand Together community unites with anybody to do right and nobody to do wrong. In public policy, that means building diverse coalitions that unite people around shared values rather than rely on partisan majorities as the path to lasting change. It also means supporting scholars and researchers who are discovering new and better ways to remove barriers in public policy holding people back.


The pandemic exposed major problems with America’s education system, especially the lack of options tailored to every learner. It’s a problem that stretches back decades — and the time has come to solve it. Stand Together and our partners are addressing American education system problems by building individualized solutions that benefit everyone.


People who are closest to a problem are usually best able to solve it. That’s why Stand Together Foundation partners with more than 320 of America’s most effective nonprofits that are building stronger, safer communities from the bottom up. We help fuel their innovation, expand their reach, and amplify their impact to people’s lives.

Business Investment

Businesses are a force for good — when they serve customers, drive innovation, and empower people to find fulfilling work. Stand Together Ventures Lab invests in early-stage founders and entrepreneurs solving society’s biggest challenges. Support goes beyond funding, and includes access to extensive business and philanthropic networks that share a desire to change the world.


Entertainment, news, and social media play a central role in society — elevating important issues and informing how people think about tackling them. Stand Together partners with entrepreneurs at the intersection of social impact and media. People with a positive vision for the country and an innovative approach to media that can engage and mobilize people towards it.

Music, Sports & Entertainment

Stand Together Music, Sports & Entertainment strives to be the leading partner for artists, athletes, and industry leaders who want to make a bigger difference. Through our partnerships, cultural influencers help elevate and scale a new paradigm based on the principles of equal rights, openness, and human dignity. We invest in organizations that demonstrate empowerment, as those closest to a problem are usually best able to solve it.


Stand Together partners with hundreds of America’s most successful business leaders and philanthropists who invest their time, talent, and resources on the issues they’re most passionate about. We offer a business-like approach to social impact, provide access to a community of peers, and leverage a comprehensive strategy to multiply their effectiveness throughout society.

© 2024 Stand Together. All rights reserved. Stand Together and the Stand Together logo are trademarks and service marks of Stand Together. Terms like “we,” “our,” and “us,” as well as “Stand Together,” and “the Stand Together community,” are used here for the sake of convenience. While the individuals and organizations to which those terms may refer share and work toward a common vision—including, but not limited to, Stand Together Foundation, Stand Together, Charles Koch Foundation, Stand Together Trust, Stand Together Fellowships, and Americans for Prosperity—each engages only in those activities that are consistent with its nonprofit status.
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